Self-Empowerment: A Motivational Introduction

Self-Empowerment: A Motivational Introduction

Often times the world can seem like upside-down chaos. It’s easy to get swept up in it and lose motivation of our own personal goals and aspirations. It’s easy to slip into depression and cave into feeling that we have lost control. Hopelessness is not an uncommon feeling in today’s day and age. Luckily, self empowerment is a wonderful tool to help us combat this dizzying, spiraling swirl of feelings. The concept of self-empowerment means that you take or take back control of your own life and gain your own personal power.

Self Empowerment
Self Empowerment


Self empowerment is also not JUST a tool for those struggling and feeling lost and shuffled around in the world. It can also be used to help anyone who’s setting out to better themselves. It’s literally all about believing that you are the captain of your own life ship. You can have all the confidence in the world, but you still have to know how to harness it in order to build yourself a happier life. Once you start to take control in your life, even in the small ways, you can feel your self-esteem boost and that wonderful empowered feeling growing in your soul.

Law of Attraction

The seedling of self empowerment starts with the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction is a philosophy that you get back from the universe what you put out. If you start thinking about what you want in a positive way, then you will attract the kind of energy that you need to succeed in getting what you want. The same is true adversely. Obviously, you want to set realistic goals for yourself, but at the root of it, you have to firmly believe that you can accomplish what you are trying to achieve.

With self empowerment we must also take this energy and react to outside elements according to our own internal values and motivations. There’s an old wise tale about a woman who goes to her grandmother crying about a struggle in her life. Her grandmother boils water in 3 pots. She puts a carrot in the first pot, an egg in the second, and coffee beans in the third. The carrot turns to mush, the egg hardens, but the coffee beans transform the water into the magical function giving substance that we call coffee. If we feel empowered, the hot water that life occasionally puts us in will not turn us to mush or harden us, but instead allow us to transform that hot water into something that most people would agree is better. That is a truly powerful thing!

Believe in yourself

If you firmly believe in yourself and that you are master of your own destiny then you will remain motivated in accomplishing your goals. Doubt is a natural feeling. We’re all only human, BUT we are human. Our kind has a unique ability to adapt our surroundings to suit our survival. We literally can change the landscape around us. Much like landscapes, we can’t change what circumstances life has given us, but we CAN change the way we adapt to it or adapt it to us. Rather than falling into a depression because we don’t like our current state, we can harness the power that lies within us to change our metaphorical landscape. All of of this starts with self empowerment.

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