Self-Empowerment and Feminism

Much like self-empowerment, feminism is for everyone who believes in having more choices in life. Feminism is the belief that everyone should have an equal opportunity at a happy and fulfilling life no matter what gender. No one is less than or better than another. All of our empowerment comes from within and is based on our own choices and energies and desires. Self-empowerment and feminism go hand in hand like school kids frolicking through a meadow.


Self-Empowerment As A Tool To Aide Feminism

If you go into any feminist workshop, you’ll probably hear a lot about the “inner goddess”. To some, this may sound ridiculous, but there is some truth behind “finding your inner goddess”. As flowery as this expression may sound, it is a solid way to encourage a positive and empowering thought process.

If every woman believes she has an inner goddess, then she’ll be more likely to have motivation outside of what she is told to do by society. It’s important for women to feel like their power comes from within when we live in a world that often actively tries to make women feel less empowered. In a world full of outside judgement, it is important for women to feel empowered from within. Whether a woman wants to work or be a mother or both, she will always face constant criticism. If a woman is self-empowered and finds her motivation from within, she will still succeed in whatever her objectives are despite where outside sources tell her worth is.

Self-Empowerment and Your Inner Goddess

A simplified version of self-empowerment for women is the concept of finding your inner goddess. You find your inner strength and power by believe that deep within, you are a goddess unto yourself. As women, we have the ability to grow, incubate, and nurture life. Even with this remarkable ability, we often accept being the “weaker sex”. We’re not! We’re all goddess unto ourselves. We need to take that life force that we have and so willingly give to others and harness it for ourselves. Once we acknowledge our inner-strength and power, we’ll be more successful in every aspect of our lives. Find that inner goddess and let her empower you!

Why Feminism and Self-Empowerment Apply To Everyone

When women have high self-esteem, everyone benefits. Women with higher self-esteem will be more productive and achieve more. They’ll succeed more in business which means everyone involved with that business succeeds. They’ll raise happier and healthier children. They’ll be healthier and a stronger partner in relationships. All together, they will self-empowered women will achieve and succeed in life more.

Women make up half of the population. That is half the population that is frequently bogged down by judgement in no matter what life choices they make. Women who are self-empowered will feel better about their choices. When they are more confident in their choices, they will ultimately make better choices. This benefits everyone!


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