How The Universe Works

How The Universe Works

Hi again! Today I decided to talk about a very simple thing that most people overthink, how the universe works. Like many, I also overthink the past. I started to see all the strange things. I started to read the secret, and was experiencing things that was making me so confused and wondering how could all this be possible. How does the Universe work?

I started to imagine HOW, How The Universe Works? If you read my previous posts I’m explaining my vision, and it is very similar to Buddhism and to the Law of Attraction.  Buddhism in a more religious way and the Law of Attraction in a more scientific way. It is still the same thing. You can search on quantum physics if you want a really scientific answer, but it’s all the same.

So let’s delve into How The Universe Works. If we have read the book “The Secret” it makes ins wonder is this just a wish game? I wish this and I wish that? How about the other people don’t they wish stuff? What if there wishes go against my wishes?This looks like a chaotic wish world if we think on what Law of Attraction is.

My experience on Law Of Atraction

How the Universe Works
How the Universe Works

I’m here to talk about my experience. I have also had this questions on my mind and this made me think many stupid things. I was feeling kinda lost, and one beautifull day I saw a video on Buddhism and all the words the Buddhist master was saying was like it they was ment to me. It was like if that video was made for me. The Buddhist master explained very well and in a very simple way, my how question. He just made a very simple comparison with a different type of energy like electricity. When we need light in the room we go to the switch and turn the light on, right? It works. We don’t need to understand how. We just need to know it works when we push a button and light comes.

If we try to understand How The Universe Works we may be overthink it, and get lost in so many diferent theories. We simply don’t need to understand how it works. The Universe is wonderful and everything is possible. I have many different theories, but the truth is I don’t bother thinking about that anymore. I just live and enjoy the world and its wonders.

You may be curious on my theories. 🙂 I can say that I’m a software developer, and as a developer I think in a logical way. I’m a man of science. I really believe in a multiverse. I have many many secrets to reveal, and many stories to tell.

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