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Hi to anyone reading this. Welcome to the place on the web that will empower you. In this self-empowerment post,  I will continue with the practical tips to get self empowered. Today I will share my thoughts on destiny, and how I see it.

self empowerment destiny
self empowerment destiny


This is a subject that everybody at some point have thought about. Do we have our destiny already written? Is this all happening exactly as it should because it is our destiny? How is this related with self-empowerment?

Let me give you my vision on this matter. I believe destiny is written every day like a path most likely to happen but not the only possible way. Imagine yourself taking a ball in your hand and throwing it into space. The ball will accelerate and be in movement. We can calculate its “destiny” however, many things can change the path of its “destiny”.

A gust of wind or something that shocks with that ball, for example. Can we say the ball has a destiny? I think the answer is yes and no. 😉 Yes it may have a destiny. It will have a probable path that we can calculate knowing the speed,the angle, etc.. but is not something that can’t change.

Now, let’s put ourselves in the place of that ball. We are moving through  space and time and we have a path? Yes, we do, but can we change it? Absolutely! Destiny, “our path”, is written and rewritten all the time.

One big problem many people have is believing they come to this world to suffer or pay for some sins or something along those lines. If they believe in that they will control there destiny in a subconscious way that will give them exactly what they are convinced they deserve. Other people believe they are in this world to be happy and have a good life and they get that life. I have seen some very good people with very bad lives, bad jobs, and little money. I have also seen many jerks with such a good life. I wonder how this is fair? It isn’t! But it is how it works. As I said in my previous post, I believe in God in my own way, and i believe it doesn’t punish or reward people; people do that to themselves.


Whats our purpose in life

Let’s find self-empower for ourselves. Let’s have a good life. Let’s live free in an abundant world. I want to be able to explain my vision and help other people to feel happy in their lives as well. Note that lots of money does not always mean happiness. It helps. I will not say it doesn’t, but money only brings comfort. Happiness is about your way of seeing and interacting with the world. It’s about making the connection with destiny that we all should be searching for and finding our purpose in this world. What am I doing in this world? What is my purpose? Well, most of the time the answer will be, “I don’t know.” 🙂 It’s okay. We don’t know because we probably have not yet thought enough on that. Let’s project the future. What do we see ourselvesy doing 5 years from now? Or 10 years from now? I see many different paths for me. I can do so many things. Let’s act. Let’s start moving on that direction and let the future unfold. Let’s allow the universe to do its magic.

Stay connected! Next post coming soon. 🙂


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