Depression: You’re not alone

So you’ve been feeling down. And not a down like you’ll get over it the next day like your friends or family may hope. Heck, you might hope it too; but you just cant change how you’re feeling. Things that were once interesting seem pointless, unexciting, and rather dull. “What’s the point?”, you keep asking yourself. For some reason you can’t convince yourself you know the answer. And if you ask anyone their opinion…well what’s the point in asking them.

Why are you friends with them? You’re not an exciting person, so what makes them think so? You would ask but…what’s the point?

Someone told you exercise might make you feel better. “It’ll cheer you up!”, but you can’t even bother getting out of bed most days. The sun may be out, but you’re not. You’d rather stay in bed, maybe sleep a little bit longer. Your back might hurt, probably from sleeping so much, but nothing seems interesting enough to get out of bed.

And if you do get out of bed…then what? What will you do? Will you go for a walk? Go to school? Go to work? They don’t interest you anymore. It’s the same thing every day.

You have some friends left, maybe not many, but some. This makes you sad that you’re not very popular, but you cant find the point in trying to change who you are to make more friends.

You weren’t always this way. You once remembered a day when you felt truly happy. You try to hold on to those days but they seem so far away. It’s like a dream. Some days you’re really angry, at everyone. And you cant help it. It’s like you’ve been unwound and can’t be put back together.

You then realize these feelings have been going on for too long. You’re different, it’s true. You realize you might have depression. But what will you do?


Depression is something that can sneak up on us all; we are all susceptible to it, some maybe more than others. Sometimes we just can’t help how we feel, and at most times, if not all the time, we feel helpless. There are all kinds of depression: post-partum depression, seasonal depression, depression from loss of a loved one, depression in children or depression in adults. The fact that we know that depression exists means that despite how lonely you feel,  you are not alone. There are others going through the same struggle as you. You are not alone.

Depression is difficult, for everyone. And if you’re ever at that point where you’re really feeling at the end of your rope I urge you; don’t give up. Now, I won’t pretend I know what to do, but what I do know for a fact is that you should speak to someone. Speak to a loved one; someone that truly cares, or at the very least speak to a professional.

If you need a friend for some emotional support please look here:


Please check out this link for international information:


I urge you to talk to someone; someone can help you. It’s worth it. You’re worth it.



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